#BeautyCon NYC

What started as a birthday present to myself ended as one of the most inspirational experiences ever. Beauty Con in New York City was filled with so many beautiful, ambitious entrepreneurs! I was literally overwhelmed with excitement the entire time.

Target Bliss


We all know Target is high as hell! We also know a target shopping experience is far more peaceful than a trip to Walmart which is why we continue to shop there. Although I complain after each trip, I am still a loyal customer. At #BeautyConNYC, I finally felt rewarded! Their pop up shop was B E A U T I F U L! I am convinced that’s where the extra $3 they charge on products goes. I mean from the creative décor to the interactive activities; it was dope!

Black Owned: The BeatBib

beatbibShop her products at www.beatbib.com! “Beat your face, not your clothes”!

We are so creative and dope! I mean as a unit; us African American Entrepreneurs are LIT! I was excited when I came across her pop up shop because earlier that morning I ruined my first outfit with setting powder. She was so humble and inspirational, I was more than willing to support!

A few of the Main Stage Panelist




Carols Daughter

From Carols Daughter to Laverne Cox and Makeup Mario; each panelist spoke from their heart and shared their stories. As an entrepreneur in this cosmetic/beauty industry; it was VERY inspirational to sit in the crowd and be apart of that energy! I love how Lisa Price broke down “Trusting your gut”! I needed to hear that. I was going to cancel my trip to NYC because I was nervous about going alone. I finally made the choice to pray and go. As I sat there listening to her speak, I knew; that was it! THAT IS WHAT I WANT & THAT IS WHAT I WAS GOING TO GET! Period.

Many of the panelist referenced social media and the importance of self love. They also spoke on how tough the beauty industry was as well. One of the panelist advised, “Bury your head in your craft”! I think that is great advice for anyone even outside of the beauty industry. Lock in and get it done.

New York City, New York

New York is such a beautiful city! As a Chicago native, I am not easy impressed with other states downtown but New York City is definitely a vibe.

I had to stop at Carlos Bakery in Times Square.

carlos bakeryWhen I was younger, I would sit and watch back to back episodes of CakeBoss on-demand as I played in makeup. My Uber driver was such a GEM. He let me to stop to make a quick purchase and take a picture before heading back to the airport.  

What does beauty mean to you?

mark the wall

Beauty to me is RARE!

I remember brainstorming different names while in college for my Cosmetic line. It took me several weeks to finalize my choice but when I put the words together, I knew it was IT! RareBeauty Cosmetics. Before boarding my flight that morning, I grew overwhelmed with a few business issues that had surfaced. I thank god I was in position to gift myself a mental break with a trip to NYC for my birthday. I think it’s important for all of to take mental breaks! My trip to NYC was quick and the change of scenery and energy was well needed.

Until next time New York City…

sheena peace

Clearly it was time for me to leave! I mean look how full my bag was by the end of the event. Every penny spent was well worth it! #BeautyConNYC showed me a great time. I was able to network with so many entrepreneurs, purchase beauty goodies, and enjoy NYC for a day! One day very soon, RareBeauty Cosmetics WILL be a vendor.

What are your New Year Resolutions?

Leave your answer in the comments below.

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