Petition Filed to Cancel Trademark: Five years later!

I am so excited to celebrate #RareBeautyCosmetics fifth year in business. Some days it doesn’t even feel like it’s been this long but I am determined and eager to continue to expand and grow my brand in the beauty industry. This journey as an entrepreneur has been challenging but with God, I’ve made it. I love my brand and even in the moments when things were tough, I never gave up. As of lately, there has been a lot of confusion between my brand and #SelenaGomez brand. To be clear, I am owner of #RareBeautyCosmetics and she is owner of #RareBeauty.

I’ve been working to Trademark my brand name since 2017 shortly after launching but I kept hitting a dead end. I consistently checked the TESS system, media, and other business resources I had access to but still nothing. I refused to give up on #RareBeautyCosmetics so kept doing business as normal and had faith that one day, God would make it all make sense.

A few weeks after giving birth to Kameron I received a direct message on Instagram that really broke my heart and STRESSED ME OUT. In addition to me already struggling as a new mom, it was hard for me to wrap my mind around the post that was sent to me. How could #SelenaGomez be preparing to launch her own beauty brand called #RareBeauty when I AM THE OWNER OF #RAREBEAUTYCOSMETICS? I vividly remember researching and planning for my brand in college. The name was free and clear to be used. Many of my communication courses even helped me with the foundation of my brand. I did not copy anyone. I did not steal from anyone. I didn’t even start with an investor. I took all my classes online during my last semester of college and worked my ass off at Aldi to launch my brand.

I was also hurt to see such major brands standing behind this fraudulent and unethical business. I love #BeautyCON. Back in 2018, I attended and even blogged about how one day I wanted to be a vendor. Never in a million years did I imagine MY brand name to be in their headlines but linked to Little Miss Disney. At first I felt like there was nothing I could do to defend my brand especially since our names weren’t EXACTLY the same. I quickly turned my hurt into hustle! I spent a lot of time researching Trademark Laws because that wasn’t the end for me.

#RareBeautyBySelenaGomez officially launched in 2020. The company made their first sale on September 3 which is cute! It’s also ironic because on September 3, 2021; I officially filed to have the mark cancelled on the following grounds: #Priority, #LikelihoodOfConfusion, #DilutionsByBlurring, #Deceptiveness, & most importantly, FAILURE TO ACTIVELY BE USING THE MARK IN COMMERCE AT THE TIME OF FILING. #SelenaGomez filed for the mark “Rare Beauty” back in 2017 which BLOCKED me from being able to Trademark my brand, “RareBeauty Cosmetics” for the past five years!

I launched #RareBeautyCosmetics in 2017 with a mission to encourage all races, sex, and genders to embrace their individuality by breaking break beauty standards. #SelenaGomez launched #RareBeauty in 2020 with a mission break down unrealistic standards of perfection. Not only did #SelenaGomez and her team block me from my rights to Trademarking my brand name, expanding my business, and growing as an entrepreneur; she STOLE MY BRAND NAME AND MY MISSION.

I am the owner and originator of #RareBeautyCosmetics. I will not stop until I have the rights to my brand name. Cheers to five years #RareBeautyCosmetics!

7 thoughts on “Petition Filed to Cancel Trademark: Five years later!

    • KeSheena Heard

      Actually, YOU’RE CLOWNING by commenting with negative energy and inaccurate facts. The #RareBeauty team filed their trademark in November of 2017. Reading is phenomenal. Trolling clearly isn’t what you do best. I am sending love and light your way, thank you for commenting.


      • Cole

        No, they’re right. You’re clowning. They tried to buy the name and buy any stock and help you rebrand (as well as being an incredible source of contacts in the industry) and you said no? You want 10 million? For what? Let’s be realistic here. I’m sorry to tell you but if you don’t rebrand, it’s a sinking ship. I had to go through 6 pages on google before I got to this website, and I googled your company name, not Selena’s.

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      • KeSheena Heard

        So after going through six pages and typing MY name in on Google, you’re here commenting? THANK YOU! Keep commenting, searching, and talking!


  1. Danielle

    Gonna be honest, heard about the news and wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt on this…unfortunately it might be more beneficial to your brand to take a settlement to rebrand and expand. Of course no one wants to give up a name they thought was free and clear and have worked for five years with, but it’s looking like you might lose the case here. The unfortunate thing is that if you lose, your brand may crumble as a result and if you win, your brand will also possibly crumble. At this point, no matter the outcome of the case, the general public’s perception of what Rare Beauty is, is Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, even if they rebrand to something else. I pray for nothing but success in your brand, Ms Heard, and hope that in fighting for the name, you won’t kill its prospects.

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  2. Betsy

    I hope you win, and get your TM and all the details to your name. DANIELLE had a good point that when people see Rare Beauty they think of Selena Gomez. I hope you can beat that and change the line there. XO

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