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#RareBeautyCosmetics: THE TRUTH

Despite recent events, I am still excited to celebrate #RareBeautyCosmetics fifth year in business this coming Spring! As many of you may now know, I filed a Petition to Cancel Trademark against #RareBeauty in September of 2021. This mark was wrongfully obtained by #RareBeauty when they filed in November of 2017 AFTER my brand #RareBeautyCosmetics…

Petition Filed to Cancel Trademark: Five years later!

I am so excited to celebrate #RareBeautyCosmetics fifth year in business. Some days it doesn’t even feel like it’s been this long but I am determined and eager to continue to expand and grow my brand in the beauty industry. This journey as an entrepreneur has been challenging but with God, I’ve made it. I…

#BeautyCon NYC

What started as a birthday present to myself ended as one of the most inspirational experiences ever. Beauty Con in New York City was filled with so many beautiful, ambitious entrepreneurs! I was literally overwhelmed with excitement the entire time. Target Bliss We all know Target is high as hell! We also know a target…

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